• How Do I Add Videos to my Watchlist?

    Whichever video you wish to add, simply select the drop-down menu from the bottom left corner of that video and press Add to Watchlist. An eye will appear under the video. To remove a video, click on the eye once. To access your Watchlist, see the option to the left of the page.
  • Which Videos Should I watch First?

    The majority of new visitors to my channel, as well as the majority of subscribers, are beginners. For this reason, and in harmony with the Water Pianism philosophy, you would do well to go through the Absolute Major Scale Mastery Playlist first, no matter your level. Once you’ve spent some time with those and confirmed you truly know them away from the piano on your internal piano, I recommend spending some time with the Absolute Chord Mastery video. Chords are named and based on major scales and both major scales and chords come with their own opportunities for personalised technical exercises, depending on your needs. The videos mentioned here provide examples of such exercises and encourage you to personalise them to your needs. Once you have really digested all the above, begin to identify your Musical Personality and start to recognise what you need. Keyword searches and looking within my 7 New Playlists will help, as well as contacting me if you prefer. I also propose this Short & To The Point Playlist with 4-6 min videos!
  • Why Do You Have a Video of the Day?

    I have selected videos for your benefit which I feel will benefit you, no matter your path. It may be on technical exercises, jazz chords or repertoire acquisition but if it doesn’t interest you, apart from conducting your own keyword search, feel free to see the Video of the Day option in the master playlist box on the Videos page to see other videos currrently in the promotion cycle. Don’t forget that you can add and remove any videos you wish, whenever youwish, from your own Watchlist.
  • How Can I Make a Contribution?

    Following numerous requests, I created a Patreon account. Some people prefer to kindly send a one-off donation via Paypal every so often. Please see the social media icons at the top of this website for immediate access to these options. Thank you kindly for your interest in supporting me!

If you have any additional questions, visit the Contact Me page and I’ll do my best to answer it and add the Q/A to this page. Thank you.