Water Pianism Syllabus

For the price of only two or three regular piano lessons, you are giving yourself access to a (piano) life-changing opportunity: not just a destinationless journey of Mind, Body and Piano mastery but a personalised learning curve which will provide you with everything You need to go beyond what you would otherwise dare to believe possible for yourself. Your path is unique. Your learning method and speed of acquisition is unique. Your musical personality is unique. No book has ever been nor ever will be written just for You.

This is where the Water Pianism Syllabus comes in.

I’m not selling you a miracle. I’m not even selling you the first steps of your piano future; I’m selling you the first leaps towards and far beyond how You always wanted to play the piano authentically.

Included in the price is the complete syllabus for Category i., which you are to master on a personalised basis before moving on to any of the next four categories. Some of the exercises have unlisted videos which only syllabus followers will have access to and which demonstrate that particular exercise in a way words cannot. You will also receive a copy of Water Pianism – The Guide (eBook), primarily because you will be asked to share your interpretation and understanding of its content as part of the certification process.

Also included is a one-off, no time-limit consultation with me, danthecomposer, during which we discuss Your past, present and future of piano and music, Your personalised wants and needs and Your minimum expectations, all in order to receive your very own and well-deserved, signed Water Pianism Certificate as proof that your first category efforts have all been worthwhile. You’re also free to share progress reports or ask questions as part of your certification efforts. You will not be alone.

Purchase information:

It is $100 for all of that as outlined above, which is reduced by 20% to $80 if you choose to register on this website to enjoy all of its features and benefits. You will make this purchase directly via PayPal (email address provided upon proof of website registration). Previously, this was sold on Gumroad but since they add a large sales tax, the discount was getting cancelled out so this makes it cheaper for you and I get paid sooner!

The next four categories are only certifiable once you have achieved category i and will be priced the same as category i.

Category i. will take anywhere from six to eighteen months, during which you are of course encouraged to work on some personalised repertoire, listen to a lot of music and do some extra relevant studying at your leisure.

The syllabus, demanding as it may be, does not at all take the fun out of music; it renders your learning and performance of enjoyed repertoire sublime… if you are consistent in your efforts! I think that you will be because the syllabus is all about You and Your needs, not what anybody thinks you should be doing their way.

Before you take the plunge, you are invited to download the freely available (and shareable) Water Pianism Syllabus Overview document which, over six pages, explains in a little more detail the contents of category i. and what to expect on your personalised experience. It may even cement your intention to commit to the Water Pianism Syllabus which, again, will quite honestly be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Here’s to self-mastery at and away from the piano!